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We can phenotype Skeletonema on agar

The ability to grow on solid culture medium is a pre-requisite for a successful microbial genetic model organism. Skeletonema marinoi, a bloom-forming, planktonic marine microalga, is widely used in ecological, evolutionary and population genetics studies. We have tested and confirmed … Continue reading

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Diatom resting stages are not as dormant as we might believe

Rickard Stenow defended his MSc thesis with distinction! DIATOM RESTING STAGES ASSIMILATE NITROGEN IN ANOXIC CONDITIONS Diatoms can survive for a century buried in oceanic sediment, during dark and anoxic conditions. It’s not previously known if the cells preform respiratory … Continue reading

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Josefin and Lisa got a very nice paper accepted!

The anchoring effect – long-term dormancy and genetic population structure Lisa Sundqvist, Anna Godhe, Per R. Jonsson, Josefin Sefbom Understanding the genetic structure of populations is key to revealing past and present demographic and evolutionary processes in a species. In … Continue reading

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Susanna Gross will defend her thesis

On November 24 Susanna Gross will defend her thesis ”Phenotypic and Genotypic responses in the planktonic diatom Skeletonema marinoi – Effects of Natural Processes and Anthropogenic Stressors” Opponent is Dr Akira Kuwata from Tohoku national Fisheries Research Institute, Sendai, Japan

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      Lucy got a job as a lecturer at Plymouth University!

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Why do we find large genetic differentiation over small spatial scales?

Many have been puzzled about large intra-specific genetic differentiation over small spatial scales in aquatic protists without any apparent dispersal barriers. We did a transplant experiment with two populations of common diatom from a fjord and the open sea and … Continue reading

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Susanna is back on September 1.

Jonathan was born in December and has kept Sussi from the lab since then. However, after the summer she is back again!

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